rdesktop Patch: Switch Local Workspaces and Windows by Local Hot Keys

rdesktop is a powerful RDP client for Linux. The inability of switch applications between remote side and local side by hot key makes it a little uncomfortable. Look around the internet, you can find many requests for the feature but no solutions. So I made the patch. It do things like:

  • Double press Ctrl+Alt+Left or Ctrl+Alt+Right to switch local active workspaces.
  • Double press Ctrl+Alt+Tab to switch local active window.
  • Other hot keys are sent directly to remote machine.
  • If using -fD options and having two or above workspaces, the effect is amazing!
  • If rdesktop is running in fullscreen mode (-f and without -D), Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Tab will toggle it to window mode first. After switching back, it can NOT toggle to fullscreen automatically. Press Ctrl+Alt+Enter to do that. (I know this is boring. But it is the best I can do. Rdesktop use override_redirect to implement fullscreen which makes it always the top-most window no matter which workspace/window you have switched to)

Download and unpack rdesktop.tgz to get a patched executable file: rdesktop. Overwrite /usr/bin/rdesktop with it. That’s all. The file was compiled with all debian/ubuntu official patches and tested in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic). It should work in other Linux distribution too. If it does or does not work in your environment, please leave a comment to report.

switch_local_workspace_and_window.patch is the code.

rdesktop Patch: Switch Local Workspaces and Windows by Local Hot Keys” 中有 10 条评论

    1. hi..sunner in you patch version CAPS lock is not working/sync whether it is on or off. Only I can get lower case char.Alt Tab works fine which I want because the rdesktop one with Ubuntu 12.04(64bit) does not work -K option OR is there any work around ?


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